About Us

LT Lighting & Electricals Ltd is committed to providing mature and reliable LED lights  for our customer needs. Our high standard services are based on mutual, honest and constructive communications with both our customers and suppliers. We strive for the highest product and service quality and cost effectiveness for our customers. 

As a solid state lighting, LEDs do not contain mercury, toxic gas or UV. It is predicted that LEDs will soon become the mainstream in lighting because it significantly reduces energy and maintenance cost, and has high flexibility, reliability and long life. Some pioneers using reliable LED products in their premises have already  been benefiting from this. 

Abundant as the supplies as LED products, their quality varies. Like anything else, unreliability and poor quality cost more in the long term. Outstanding customer service being our touchstone, we only provide products with consistently high quality only from highly responsible manufacturers. We will honestly let you know  if it is not the best solution to use LED either because of current cost effectiveness or technology limitation and try to find more suitable solution for your unique request. 



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